Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015: Paid Nagware

At first I couldn’t believe this: Bought a „three computer, two years“ license of Kasperski Anti-Virus. Installed the 2015 version on three computers, entered the codes, and a bit later got – not really surprisingly – this:

Ok, nice try, but: thank you, no. Wait… Where’s the „Don’t ask me again“ checkbox? Right: There’s none. And with „Sp├Ąter erinnern“ („Remind me later“) the „later“ is about six hours! This meant that I had to click this away six times a day (Twice on each of the three computers daily). This is close to blackmail and for a paid product completely unacceptable. Webresarch showed that choosing „Register“, leaving the email address blank on the following form and then choosing „Skip“ – and doing this twice solves the issue.

Ok, got rid of this. Nevertheless I am going to switch to another company and product as soon as this license expires…